>Link Fest #1

>A few things that have me think, laugh, smile, cry etc lately. Or otherwise need to share

One teachers approach to preventing gender bullying in the classroom ~ whilst specifically about gender it’s a beautiful post with ideas that could be used to embrace differences of any sort.

What the barber said ~ I go through phases when I read Dave Hingsburger’s blog everyday and then don’t for several months. This post about kindness and the impression we make on others is one of the reasons I like to read it.

The very definition of irony ~ this post by Sue Marsh details her conditions and shares the fact that she’s been refused DLA. It’s been receiving a lot of attention both online and in the media because it’s so shocking. Apparently. I’m not shocked. The point that seems to be being missed in my opinion is that this isn’t one person being refused, something that could be considered an anomaly or a mistake. This is happening to hundreds of people every week who are just as deserving as Sue. But who might not have the power or ability to fight it. Because its all they can do to survive. And, sadly, for some of those turned down they can’t even survive once they lose their DLA or other benefits meaning that suicide could be their only option.

DLA? Denied. ~ post on Where’s The Benefit? Explaining how Sue’s situation isn’t unique and giving the relevant facts and figures.

Pat’s Petition. ~ Any petition on the governments e-petitions site which gets over 100K signatures will be automatically debated by parliament. This petition, set up by Pat Onions, who is both disabled and also a carer is trying to get the welfare reform bill paused for reflection. There’s a long way to go to get that 100K but it’s a very worthy cause.

Grifting vs gifting ~ I don’t know the tweeter used in the example here but it’s a very important reminder that people aren’t always who they seem to be online at to be careful. I’d add in the need to be careful with what information you share too.

~ An incredible film about an incredible day ~ I’m a big supporter of organ donation. I’m sharing this more for the video in it than anything. It’s such a lovely video and a brilliant achievement. I rarely cry at blogs, tv etc but did shed a tear or two watching that.

What is quality of life really? ~ an important reminder about perseverance and attitude and the role they play in life.

~ Pregnancy with a physical disability: one psychologists journey ~ OK so I couldn’t relate to the specific pregnancy related parts but the bits about needing to teach people that disability isn’t a tragedy and not to make assumptions as to limitations are things I regularly experience. Plus, the rest of it was interesting.

Writing my own story ~ definitely a useful reminder for me and something I need to practice more.

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