>100 Days of Writing

>I’ve been using a goal tracker app to try to take better care of myself. It’s working relatively well as a tool to help me manage my depression better. The goals are things I was previously struggling with – each dose of my daily medication is listed along with tasks such as physio, showering, drinking water etc. I’m not managing every single task everyday but I never planned for that to be the case. There are 11 goals (I thought there were 10 but after working on this since the 1st of the year I realised I’d miscounted.). I think the minimum I’ve managed is 3 and the maximum is 8. There are 2 I’ve not done once and 2 I’ve not missed since I started this (Sertraline and my evening Baclofen, morning baclofen I seem to get about 50% on). The average is 5 or 6.

On Monday I was talking about this with a counsellor and she suggested that I think of some more medium term goals. One of the ones I came up with was that I want to get fitter. But the very first thing out of my mouth without even thinking about it was “I want to do more writing”. And I do, I really, really do. (for the record, I also set a third goal of making sure I get the best powerchair for me when I get a new one without letting financial and other concerns put unnecessary limitations on it).

Tuesday I was thinking some more about this writing goal. What shape should it take and what steps would help me achieve it etc? And something that came to mind and that I’m quite excited about is to do 100 days of writing.

Now I’ve had two days to think it through I’ve decided that each day I will take a random writing prompt and spend no more than 20 minutes writing on it. chaos writing basically. Each day I will post what I write here with only minor (spelling, typos, autocorrect fail) edits.

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