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>I’ve made it five days into my 100 days of writing challenge. Its been easier then I thought but in other ways its been harder. Fitting the writing in has been a challenge today. But then getting things done in general has as well.

Inspired by the fact that the theme of the day seems to have been lateness I’ve written a poem about time.


Life takes its time to happen
Always waiting, killing time
Then rushing as its flown by
Easily wasted, easily missed.

Like a clock ticking life never stops
Always going relentlessly on
Trying to make the most of it
Everyday matters and everything you struggle to fit in.
Realising that time is important, precious and finite.

Losing oneself in a good book or rushing for a train
Activity, commitments, desire and needs
Telling the time every few minutes
Everything is affecting by that constant tick
Slowly driven mad
Trying, testing, triumphant, time.

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