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>Day six of my 100 days of writing and a piece partially written earlier this evening whilst I was setting a new goal in my standing frame (37 mins). I’m back to fiction today. This is very rough and I think it’s much more of a character sketch than anything else.

I’ve called it knowledge is power for no reason other than its better than leaving it untitled. I think I might return to this/these characters in future. I’ve no idea where they came from but they intrigue me.

Knowledge is Power

“You can’t give up hope just because it’s hopeless.”

“what the hell does that mean” Jan asked Abby as they walked past the poster containing that piece of ridiculous wisdom.

They were on the way to the pub quiz which was always an interesting experience. Both the girls really loved going to pub quizzes and tried to go to at least one each week. They’d first met at one in fact. A friendly disagreement with the quiz master over the answer to a particularly ambiguous question had led to them laughing together over a drink. And a friendship which could have been beautiful (but hadn’t turned out to be) had been born.

Posters with similar things on had been appearing all over town for the past month or so. She didn’t know what they meant, why they were appearing or who was putting them up. It was a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Jan hated mysteries. She really didn’t like not knowing all the details of a thing. If she knew of its existence she wanted to know all about it. That’s not to say Jan was one of those really annoying people who thought they knew everything. She’d readily admit that she didn’t. Because after all there were things in the world that she didn’t know about. Jan couldn’t tell you what they were because she didn’t know they existed. It goes back to her need to know everything about the things she knows, obviously.

Abby, Jan’s friend had to fight the urge to roll her eyes at that comment. She loved her friend, she really did. But she could just see where this was going to end up. And to be honest, it got a little annoying at times. She fully agreed with Jan that you should never stop learning and especially that knowledge is power. However at the same time she also couldn’t see the point in beating yourself up because you didn’t know everything about any given subject. If you need to know something you can learn it at that time. The world isn’t going to end just because you had to hold your hands up and admit to not knowing something. After all, Abby was only human.

Jan’s thirst for knowledge was why she went to the pub quiz. She thought she’d go to one every night if she could. But sadly life got in the way of that little desire. Still, there should be plenty of opportunity for her to do that when she retired.

For Abby going to the pub quiz was fun, plain and simple. A large glass of red, a few crisps to nibble, good friends and a friendly competition. The perfect way to unwind after a very long and stressful day at work. Or at least it used to be like that.

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