>Appearances Can Be Deceiving #100daysofwriting #amwriting #sailing

>Day 10 of my 100 days of writing. This is my attempt at a piece with more description of the setting. It’s an amalgamation of a couple of the places I’ve sailed and a bit of artistic license.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

With its bare trees and complete lack of flowers at first the reservoir seems like a completely desolate place. The high winds whipping through your hair on this cold winters day add to that as you develop a feeling of being chilled to the bone. A sewage works looms in one corner of the grounds. Ugly, noisy and occasionally wafting an unidentifiable yet disgusting smell your way.

Everyone said it was a lovely place. The people are friendly you were told and the food is good. Plus you were promised that it had some brilliant views. But as you walk round it you can’t see it. So you tell your family that and they dismiss your complaints without even appearing to listen. On and on you walk. Who knew the nature reserve and reservoir was so big. You get colder and colder but bite back the complaints that are desperate to burst out. No one would listen after all. Instead you grudgingly keep going. Hands in pockets and a scowl on your face the words “you can’t choose your family” running round and round in your head. No words are spoken but you make the suffer along with you.

And then

At the top of a steep hill.

You finally lay eyes on it.

The reservoir itself.

Your first thought is that it’s huge. You can hardly see the opposite shore and just hope you aren’t expected to walk all the way round it.

Stopping then you gulp water thirstily, not having realised what a workout you’d got. And as you catch your breath you notice things which make your breath catch in a completely different way.

The first few buds of snow drops poking through the grass. White, dainty and oh so pretty you almost have to squint to spot them. Birds – hundreds of them – everywhere you look. Ducks and people on boats and boards sharing the water with no fuss. The quacking of the ducks and the laughter of the humans mingles with the birdsong creating a melody of happiness, life and joy.

A smile splits your face.

The first genuine one your family have seen for days.

And then later

as you watch the sunset over the water.

Blown away by colours so vivid you’d have sworn it was a photoshop job if it wasn’t right in front of you.

You realise – loathe as you are to admit it – this place isn’t so bad.

And they were definitely right about the views.

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