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    >Just Keep Swimming

    >Day 42 of 100. Just Keep Swimming Splash! Straight into the waterIt’s coolNot cold but definitely noticeableSoothing on too hot skinSinking down and downWet all your hairRefreshingAnd then keep your shoulders underSmile at the kids on the other sideSay hi to a friend and chat for a few minutes.Waves waves wavesUp and downUp and downThrown aroundBody surfingThe unexpected stormWatch the aqua aerobics groupTry and fail to copy their movementsSurrounded by waterStretch and savourAnd only thenDo you swimFront crawlA lazy attempt at breast strokeAnd a long float on my backA few kicks don’t achieve muchBut must be doneRight leg more than leftPeople think it’s just a swimBut it’s more than thatA…

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    >My new powerchair

    >[I’ve been trying to upload this with photos in it for two days now. For some reason it wouldn’t work so I’ve deleted them and will share them some other time. Just pretend there’s photos of my awesome chair in here] The new powerchair is great. I’m really enjoying it. Getting sick in the first week of having it and not being able to use it for a few days is seriously unfair. But such is life. There are a few small niggles but none are a big deal. One is that I had planned to use my Jay 2 deep contour cushion that I have in my manual in…

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    >Life Poem

    >Pick upPut downStand up Sit downLook leftLook rightMove forwardGo backChanging directionsMaking decisionsLife happensGo withThe flowTry somethingIt worksSomething elseDoesn’t workGoing withLife’s quirks All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >You Know You Have CP When…

    >…you master something age 30 that most people start doing in their teens if not earlier. You’re really proud of yourself even though it’s a small thing to most people. And your mum looks really surprised and pleased when you tell her. Usually my bed gets changed once a fortnight when my cleaners come. But on Thursday it needed an extra change. I can strip it myself and change the pillowcases but thats it. So I stripped it and fished clean bedding out ready for when my dad came round to do standing and he could make it up. But then I got to thinking “what if I tried this…”…

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    >Twists and Turns

    >Day 40 of 100. This feels like a huge achievement. I feel a little better today but still pretty grotty. Good news is my chest has cleared up so I obviously don’t need antibiotics and didn’t go to the doctors. Frankly I’m amazed by that. I never thought it would improve this much. My parents and I were all convinced last night that I’d have to seen. In fact Mum told me she had a bad night worrying about me. Anyway, here’s another poem Twists and Turns A twist in the roadAnd then a turnBoth usual thingsBut at the same time unexpectedUnwanted unnecessary and definitely unwarranted The road twistedWhere usually…

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    >A Journey

    >Being poorly sick sucks. This cold has gone to my chest. But it is providing good inspiration for my 100 days of writing. A Journey A tired crip sits in her wheelchair somewhat unwillingly. It’s really not a good day for her but life doesn’t stop and she’s forced to continue on her journey. So she wheels on and on in a slow plodding manner lacking her usual energy. The land she’s journeying through is a tough one, bleak with more obstacles than The Country of Everyday Life and she searches desperately for the road that will lead her there once again. Somehow she’s spent the last several days in…

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    >Snotty snivelling sneezingStreaming eyesChapped lipsAnd tickley throat CoughingSore chestToo many tissues to countAnd no energy Sniffing thickly noisily breathingPlans cancelledEyes closedOlbus oil fills the room The girl gives upSips water incessantlyGoes to bed Feeling sad Happiness joy and cheerThe virus runs away smilingPleased his work is doneHer first cold of the year ♥ Emma All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Spasticity Clinic Update

    >As I wrote on Wednesday Ive been to spasticity clinic this week. I didn’t see my neurologist, I saw his registrar. Well, I did see the man himself but not properly. He was running just under an hour late and he came over and shook my hand in the waiting room and said “I’m sorry you’ve had such a wait Mrs Crees” (he always calls me Mrs Crees, even though it’s actually on my notes as Miss and personally I often us Ms). Then he said his registrar would see me and I thought he said he’d be coming in in a bit but he never did. We did manage…

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    >The Chair

    >I decided to focus more on description today. So this is more of a brief scene or perhaps a beginning. I’ve just twigged that day 100 is Sat 28th April. Which is the day I’m having my (late) 30th birthday party. Which is extra cool. Day 37 of 100 days of writing. The Chair There were plenty of chairs in the room. Big ones, old ones, battered ones and brand new ones. Some were comfy and others were definitely not. It was a large room with chairs enough for ten and room enough for more sat on the floor. But still they played a game of musical chairs. Because there…

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    >Hospital Thoughts

    >Hospitals are interesting places to people watch and get inspired for writing. This hopefully catches some of the experience. In a way I wished I’d taken my iPad and written there but I enjoyed reading my book. Day 36 of 100 Hospital Thoughts Hospital smellGrotty food like school dinnersToo many people in a small spaceAnd some kind of cleaner. Paramedics and transport techsNurses, doctors and other staffAdd in patients, visitors and familyA constant swarm of people Wheelchairs wheel all over the placePowerchairs glide silentlyStretchers trundle and squeakAnd crutches add an extra rhythm to footsteps An alcohol wipe gets rid of bacteriaThe smell probably scares them away“sharp scratch now”The drug stings…