>The Room

>Day 15 of 100. I’ve no idea where this came from. I really didn’t feel like writing but I started trying to do a small bit of description of a setting and this was the result. Both easier and (I hope) better than I expected.

The Room

The room is cold. Dark, the only light coming from the streetlight a few doors down the road. He sits, still. So still anyone coming into the room would be forgiven for not noticing them. It’s not quiet in the room but nor is it noisy. The only sounds are the background ones a house makes. Water in the pipes as someone else runs a bath. The ticking of a clock and the hum of the fridge. Marking time and showing that people live there. People live in the house, but not in that room. The room is bare. No pictures on the wall or rugs on the floor showing the personality of its owner. It’s the only room in the house still painted show home magnolia. The paint yellowed and flaking with age. A bed and a chair are the only things in it. The room sits there unloved as its owner sits in the chair. Believing the same is true of him.

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