>Untitled -a character sketch

>Day 21 of 100. I’ve decided that I need to focus more on fiction, describing locations and character sketches for the time being. I don’t like that ive been writing so many poems, it wasn’t what i planned for this challenge and feels a bit like taking the easy way out.

This didn’t go where I expected and I know the ending needs work. That said I’m intrigued by the character and might do more with him.


It’s strange he thought as he sat waiting for the train. Strange how something so little can also be a really big deal.

It wasn’t the sort of thing he normally thought about – it was a little too deep and meaningful for his liking. But nothing had been normal in his life. Not since that fateful day just over a week ago. That had looked like it was going to be a regular boring day. Get up ridiculously early, get on the train whilst still half asleep. Go to work, pop into the supermarket on the way home then collapse on the sofa with some pizza and other junk to watch some really rubbish telly (that really he loved although he’d deny it if asked) before going to bed much too late. A real lather, rinse, repeat day just like always.

It had gone like that to start with. Getting up had been as gruelling as ever and work soul destroying as per usual. Then he’d gotten on the train. Again nothing out of the ordinary. He’d been sitting there debating whether it was a meat feast or a margarita kind of an evening and leaning more towards the meat feast even though he’d had that the last two days as well. The train manager had made the announcement that they were pulling into his stop when without warning everything changed.

He laid eyes on the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen. And the rest, as they say, was history.

♥ Emma

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