>Another Ride

>Very tired this evening. My Monday’s have been very busy lately and today was a little unexpected as well. In a good way. But it’s left me surprised, a little emotional (again in a good way) and with lots of thoughts swirling round in my brain. I plan to write a general update tomorrow which will maybe cover some of this. But for now I’ve tried to capture some of that that in the following.

Day 26 of 100 days of writing

Another Ride

Perfect powerful painful
Slowly simmering sloth-like
Eager elegant experience
Anticipated apathy awareness
Surprises slipping sometimes
Brilliant belligerent beaten
Best better beautiful
Feverish fearsome fighter
Guarded grateful great
Loving lethargic later
Lost lonely loser
Pictures. Memories. Hopes.
Thoughts. Dreams. Wishes.
The good
The bad
And the ugly.
The unexpected
The great
And the what the hell just happened?!
Unwanted, unbelievable, unsuccessful
Stunning, special, smiling
Twists and turns.
Scary moments
Laughing with sheer joy.
Flips and corkscrews
I’m not sure this was a good idea
Speeding up and slowing down
Oh man let’s do it again!!

Just another day riding this roller coaster called life

♥ Emma

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