>In which I compare a person and an iPod

>I have two brilliant prompts to write but I just can’t think of how to do them justice right now. So here’s a very small thing inspired by the fact I’ve not been sleeping well so feel a bit drained now. Early night once One Born Every Minute finishes me thinks.

In which I compare a person and an iPod

Ugh she thought. I have no energy. Completely drained. But at the same time she knew there was no point in going to bed because she wouldn’t sleep. She felt a bit like she imagined an iPod that’s been left on and forgotten about must feel. She tried and tried to keep going getting slower and less useful as things went on but unable to stop until eventually there was nothing left in her and try as she might she couldn’t do anything. The trouble with that is when that happens to an iPod you can’t take your music when you go for a run. Annoying but it won’t kill you. When that happens to a person they don’t eat or do the washing or go to work or anything. All of which could have serious consequences. So she really did need to learn to say no. Or to stop. Or perhaps even turn into the energiser bunny. But she couldn’t do any of those things. She wasn’t built that way. So she kept going until she collapsed. Wishing that they hadn’t forgotten to install an off switch when they made her.

♥ Emma

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