>A family scene

>This is an idea that I nearly used for NaNoWriMo last year and pulled out today to have a go at. I still think it would suit a longer project but this part seems to be pretty self contained and work like that. I think it’s the longest piece I’ve done for this project so far.

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A family scene

Things were looking up for the Rollins family it seemed. It was about time too. Zoe was feeling a little better and was about to be released from the hospital, Dylan had a birthday coming up and their brand new baby sister was due to be born any day soon. So life was good. Of course things weren’t quite so good from the perspective of their parents but that was neither here nor there. That was because they were looking at the big picture. And because the signs weren’t quite so rosy. Zoe would have to go back into hospital at some point they knew. And things would be more difficult to manage with three children than with two. They wouldn’t be able to tag team the days and nights quite so well because Jenna would be nursing the new baby and so would be restricted in when she could be with Zoe and when she couldn’t. Not least because the hospital enforced a very strict no under two policy. They’d been told that bringing the baby in now and then would be ok. But that it wasn’t something they could turn a blind eye to on a regular basis. So things were looking up – but quite as high as they would have liked. That was life for you though. You had to take the good wit the bad and smile where ou could. A few days or weeks out of the hospital would be good for the whole family not just Zoe. Dylan’s birthday would give them something to smile about. And they were all very excited to meet the new baby. Over all life was good. Scott just wished it wasn’t quite so complicated though. And now this. The things they’d heard during this meeting with Zoe’s doctors hadn’t been exactly unexpected but they still hadn’t expected to here them today. And they were definitely unwanted. No one wants to here that their seven year old daughter has less than a year to live if she doesn’t get a heart transplant do they

Looking over at her husband Jenna smiled and asked “penny for your thoughts? You look like you’ve got some stuff on your mind there.”

“oh nothing much just thinking about how things are improving.. And how they’re gonna get more complicated too.”

“yeah. It is all a little bit overwhelming isn’t it?” she mused. “oh, not that I’m complaining” she clarified “just this isn’t where I’d imagined we’d be waiting to welcome our third child, that’s all.”

“I know. I’m happy and I can’t wait to meet her. But she is going to make things more complicated.”

“we’ll manage. We always do.”

“we’ll do more than manage my love. We can so anything if we’re together.”

“I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be than by your side.”

“me either I love you so much.”


“home by your side would’ve been a much better place?”

“exactly. Still no use dwelling on what might be and what cant be. Let’s go find our two munchkins.”

Nodding his head Scott held out his hand to his wife and they left the hospital meeting room and went to find their children. And the future. Whatever that might bring.

By nspoken agreement they took the slightly longer route to the hospital room where Zoe and Dylan were laying with a friends teenage daughter. They both needed a little time to decompress and the fresh air that route offered was also very welcome. All too soon however that fresh air came to an end and they reengered the hospital with its too bright corridors and smell of disinfectant, despair and sick people.

Taking a deep breath Jenna squared her shoulders and squeezed her husbands hand before letting go and opening the door to Zoe’s room. Show time.

Oh it wasn’t a toal show. She was very happy to see her kids. The smile they brought to her face was very real and she revealed in the hugs they shared. When she agreed that she’d missed them too she wasn’t lying. But the happiness she portrayed wt their. She smiled and laughed with them because they needed her too. They were children and they didn’t deserve to have that innocence taken away. Her mother had always said “Sometmes you’ve got to fake it till you make it.”. And this was definitely one of those times.

Scott stood slightly to one side watching his family with a smile on his face. Praying. Praying that Zoe would be one of the lucky ones. That she would get to meet her baby sister. That they would have many more years of moments like this, of laughter, love and living. And most of all praying that whatever would come she wouldn’t suffer. He could deal with many things. Watching his little girl suffer wasnt one of them however.

Dylan suddenly looked up from where he stood showing mummy the picture he’d made for her and realised that Daddy was with her. He was even more excited to see his Daddy who’d been at work before the meeting, and dashed accross the room throwing himself into his arms with a real squeal of joy. The “this is a hospital so you need to try to be quiet” rule they’d spent two weeks drumming into him forgotten in his joy.

Not one single person on that children’s ward cared however. They all knew that the news for Zoe wasnt good. And enjoyed watching her laugh at the silly antics of her brother.

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