>I’ve had a really good day. Productive and lots of fun. Plus there was a cheeky long island iced tea thrown into the mix this afternoon which is always good.

I’m giving this no introduction. It is Day 31 of 100.


Words on paper
Words on a screen
Words in the air
Words in my head
Words here and there
Words in my bed
Words surround me
But what do they mean?

Words on the wall
Words in a book
Words on the phone
Words in a tweet
Words never leave me alone
A wordless Emma is incomplete

Words that I say
Words that I think
Words that I hear
Words fill everyday
Words that aren’t clear
New words, old words, everything in between

Words that haunt me
Words that hate me
Words I like
Words I loathe
Words that are both
Words that waiver
Words that change
Try as I might they won’t leave be alone

Words that define me
Words that undermine
Words shouted in happiness
Words whispered in disgust
Words that bring fear
Words that tell lies
And most importantly words that surprise

Words are my life
Words are the same for everyone
Words surround me
Words also hound me.
Words are unique
Words are my thing
For I’m a self confessed writing freak.

♥ Emma

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