>The Chair

>I decided to focus more on description today. So this is more of a brief scene or perhaps a beginning.

I’ve just twigged that day 100 is Sat 28th April. Which is the day I’m having my (late) 30th birthday party. Which is extra cool.

Day 37 of 100 days of writing.

The Chair

There were plenty of chairs in the room. Big ones, old ones, battered ones and brand new ones. Some were comfy and others were definitely not. It was a large room with chairs enough for ten and room enough for more sat on the floor. But still they played a game of musical chairs. Because there was only one chair that everyone liked. The Chair they called it. And although supposedly grown women they fought over it like jealous children claiming ownership of a favourite toy. No one knew where it had come from, it had just appeared in the room one day. There were many positive things about The Chair but even those they couldn’t agree on. Some said it was the most comfy seat they’d ever had. Others disagreed and said it could definitely be improved in the comfort stakes. They loved it because it’s height and it’s angle. That was the beauty of The Chair. It never gave up it’s secrets but somehow it managed to be different things for different people and everything they needed. A plain, not much to look at, magical chair

♥ Emma

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