>Spasticity Clinic Update

>As I wrote on Wednesday Ive been to spasticity clinic this week.

I didn’t see my neurologist, I saw his registrar. Well, I did see the man himself but not properly. He was running just under an hour late and he came over and shook my hand in the waiting room and said “I’m sorry you’ve had such a wait Mrs Crees” (he always calls me Mrs Crees, even though it’s actually on my notes as Miss and personally I often us Ms). Then he said his registrar would see me and I thought he said he’d be coming in in a bit but he never did. We did manage to get my physio in briefly to get her take.

I had my back to the door when she came in. She said “hello stranger” and made some comment about fatter than when she last saw me. I didn’t say anything but I had a momentary flash of annoyance because, yes, I’m fat you don’t need to comment. It didn’t last long because practically as soon as she said it she was in the room properly and I realised she was talking about herself and the fact she’s very pregnant. That’s one of the perils of being fat I guess immediately jumping to the conclusion that any mention of fat or weight relates to you.

Long story short I’ve had another round of Botox but I won’t be having serial casting. They felt there would be no benefit in that and I would have declined anyway. Or at least I think so. They’ve advised me to do as much standing and walking as possible in the next few weeks so I’m trying to use the standing frame daily for a while.

The registrar thinks I might need the jabs every six months rather then every three to four but says they’ll see me 4 monthly for at least the next year. Cue a minor “where is the year GOING?!” discussion when she said they’d see me June, July time.

♥ Emma

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