>Twists and Turns

>Day 40 of 100. This feels like a huge achievement.

I feel a little better today but still pretty grotty. Good news is my chest has cleared up so I obviously don’t need antibiotics and didn’t go to the doctors. Frankly I’m amazed by that. I never thought it would improve this much. My parents and I were all convinced last night that I’d have to seen. In fact Mum told me she had a bad night worrying about me.

Anyway, here’s another poem

Twists and Turns

A twist in the road
And then a turn
Both usual things
But at the same time unexpected
Unwanted unnecessary and definitely unwarranted

The road twisted
Where usually it turns
And this turn
Would usually have been a twist.

Not a big deal
At first glance
If anything it’s good
It gives a great chance
To see things that are all too real
And those you didn’t think you would

But then in other ways it’s bad
Because plans have changed
An easy day would have been had
Until it had to be rearranged

And then the road twists
Yet again
Before it turns
Yet again

The journey continues
Nothing to worry about
Good or bad
This journeys all you have
No matter what
You have to see it out

Like it or loathe it
Twists and turns
Are all you’ve got
Turns and twists
Your life’s journey
Something not to be missed.

♥ Emma

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