>My new powerchair

>[I’ve been trying to upload this with photos in it for two days now. For some reason it wouldn’t work so I’ve deleted them and will share them some other time. Just pretend there’s photos of my awesome chair in here]

The new powerchair is great. I’m really enjoying it. Getting sick in the first week of having it and not being able to use it for a few days is seriously unfair. But such is life.

There are a few small niggles but none are a big deal.

One is that I had planned to use my Jay 2 deep contour cushion that I have in my manual in it too. But the chair is higher than my manual and they weren’t joking when they named the cushion deep. It’s huge. But oh so comfy. And with it in the Salsa I ended up with bruised knees and couldn’t get under tables. So I switched to my old wheelchair cushion which is a lowzone on. That’s much better for tables etc. just after a couple of hours it gets a little uncomfortable. Not a big deal but something to think on.

And the second is I keep pressing the wrong buttons. Because I do it without looking and press the one that it would have been on the jazzy. Totally a muscle memory thing and really minor. I find it interesting.

The silver footplates have grown on me. I’m no longer looking at them and going “ugly ugly ugly!!” but at the same time I’d have rather had them red like the rest of the chair. I really like the red but an actual choice of colour would have been cool. Purple or turquoise were what I’d been thinking about.

The extra speed rocks (most chairs do 4mph max, this does 6mph). Seriously. But legally I can’t use it on paths which means I don’t get to play with it often.

♥ Emma

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