>Postcard Home #100daysofwriting

>A Facebook group I’m part of just set a challenge to write a postcard home. It had to include
Who you’re writing too
Where you are
What you’ve done
What you’re missing about home
And what you’re most looking forward to when you get back.

Here’s mine. Day 47 of 100

Dear Mum and Dad,

Just a quick note to say I’m really enjoying my time here in Jersey. Weather good but not today!. The hotel is lovely but I am missing my shower. The one here is adapted but weird.
I’ve discovered that it’s possible to push a wheelchair whilst wearing clown shoes. Got stuck in the mud outside the circus, rescued by a clown. I was really glad when the lion tamer said he’d find someone else to help me!
Shopping today and beach tomorrow I hope. Looking forward to a decent roast when I get home
Love, Emma xx

♥ Emma

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