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>I’ve been having a go at writing tanka today. Tanka are another form of Japanese poetry which I learned about in my creative writing class a few years ago and haven’t attempted since. They have a strict syllable form but are five lines rather than the three of a haiku. The form is:
Five syllables
Seven syllables
Five syllables
Seven syllables
Seven syllables

So it’s pretty similar to a haiku but slightly longer. As always I found getting the syllables right a challenge and I’d appreciate feedback on if I counted them right. I doubt they’re 100% spot on.

These are in the order I wrote them. The first is a random one. The other three are intended to be separate pieces although with the same theme so they do work well together.

One of these day
Things will change for me
But it won’t be today
That’s ok I like life this way
Hopes for coming days survive

Syllables elude
Sound breaks confuse me
Strict forms do work well
Stunning though tanka are
Skills I lack are needed here

Poetry possesses
My portfolio grows quick
Perhaps it does
Work better than I thought
Surprising Lessons learnt

Fun writing fiction
Creating my paper world
Escaping reality
Giving pleasure to many others
Hoping others enjoy my words

♥ Emma

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