>You Know You’ve Got CP When… #disability #cerebralpalsy #CP

>…You go into Boots and and before you have a chance to say a word to the staff at the pharmacy counter the assistant tells you your prescription has just arrived but hasn’t been made up yet.

…When you take one look at the bag when it’s ready. And know without checking that there’s been some form of problem with your prescription. (I used the prescription request on the doctors website and ordered baclofen and sertraline on the same request. The doctors apparently only have a record of my request for sertraline. How this works I know not. Luckily I still have a week or so of baclofen)

…someone in the check out queue in the supermarket feels the need to tell you that you’ll soon be able to have a wheelchair with just two wheels. These are like a Segway apparently and can be pulled behind a car. I’ll be given those a miss I think!

…one of the NHS wheelchair maintenance guys comes out and comments he hasn’t seen you for ages. It’s been two months. Which given my track record is pretty good going. Of course I had been ignoring a niggle with the chair for about a month before I called them…

…one of the drivers for the accessible taxi notices you have a new wheelchair and comments that it looks much better.

♥ Emma

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