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>I just lost all the stuff I rote to go before todays piece. Not sure what happened but luckily I have today’s piece still. Pretend like there’s a blurb here about the fact I was reading something in email format and that this was meant to be quick but really took off and was very enjoyable to write.

Also: I’ve just noticed that my blog is now appearing on a .co.uk blogger domain. Weird. Not sure what that’s about and not sure I like it.


A quick note…

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Dear you,

Hey, how’s you? I’m just taking a break from the grind of daily life here on Jupiter and thought I’d send you a quick email to see what things are like back there on Neptune.

Jupiter isn’t what I expected it to be. The landscape is much less red than I’d anticipated, I had to stop the kids taking their crayons and colouring everything red. I was all disapproving of course, you have to be don’t you? But secretly I agreed with them. It’s disappointing when things aren’t like the brochure. So far I’ve resisted the urge to steal the kids crayons though. I make no promises if things continue like this though. It’s strange Earth is called the blue and green marble isn’t it but the landscape isn’t like that and that didn’t bother me when we went to visit but it bothers me that things aren’t red here on Jupiter. Then again red has always been my favourite colour.

Did I tell that we decided to take a detour and visit Earth on the way here? None of us had been before and him indoors was very keen that we go and do the pilgrimage think, see where the species originated that sort of thing.

It was all a little bit ridiculous looking for our ancestors when even as far back as his great grandparents none of his family was even born on Earth. I did enjoy it but it wasn’t as amazing as people make it out to be. I didn’t experience any amazing connection to the place or great sense of being back where I belong. Him indoors tried to pretend he did but later admitted in a pit of despair that he hadn’t. He’s been a bit down ever since. Still the kids had a great time.

Well, I’ve nearly finished drinking my Tycho Tea (the real thing is so much better than that imported crap we used to drink on Neptune, they just don’t compare. I think even you would like it) and I need to get back out to the gas plant. Considering this whole planet is a gas giant you wouldn’t expect so many people to have to work at getting gas we can use to power the place but we do. Practically everyone on the colony over the age of 9 is expected to put several hours in each week on top of whatever other job or responsibilities they have. I was really angry when I found that out – yet another thing they don’t tell you in the brochure. But actually it’s not hard work and I quite enjoy it.

Right, my neighbour, Athena is at the door waiting to walk over to the gas plant together so I really had better go.

Much love to you and yours
Me xxxxx
(and mine) xxxx

P.s. this really was meant to be an extra short note to basically say hi. Looks like yet again I’ve failed at that. Strange that at school my robot teachers were always complaining that I never wrote in enough depth but in the emails I couldn’t be concise to save my life. Thank God we get free cross solar system emails for volunteering to come here. I dread to think what this would cost to send. Oops, there I go again wittering on. Athena is getting impatient waiting for me. Hope I haven’t bored you too much. I really am going to press send …. Now

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Dear Me,

Thank you for your quick(!) note. It was lovely to hear from you. Here is my actual quick note in return.

We are all well. I’d say we are missing you but really we are enjoying the quiet! Ok joking aside its weird without you here and we can’t wait to visit! (they don’t make visitors work in the gas plants do they?! Might have to have a rethink if they do.)

Neptune is boring as always but we did have snow the other day.

You xx

P.s. for future reference this is what a short or quick note should look like!

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