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>Over on Band Back Together they are trying to make Mondays better. They do this by having a Dose of Happy link up on a Monday.

As they put it
What’s your Happy?

Don’t think you have one? Look harder. Something will make you smile today.

We want to know!

Share it with the world on your blog and then link up below, tweet it out (hashtag @bandback2gether #DOHMonday #WithTheBand) or share it on Facebook. Whatever you want to do, do it. Just find a bit of happy in this Monday!

I love the idea. Really love it.

My happy things today:

The moment when I show people the seat riser on my new wheelchair. We’re talking eyes getting wider, the occasional dropped jaw and generally being surprised that it means this wheelie can talk to them on their eye level. I enjoy that too. No more craning my neck or having someone crouching uncomfortably next to me.

Chip shop tea. Enough said.

Browsing the craft section of the Argos website. I won a £5 voucher for some writing I did.

And most importantly, the fact that today marks two months of my 100 days of writing project. I have written something every single day for two months. A new stand alone piece everyday. I can’t begin to explain just how much of an achievement that I for me. I’ve decided to take the idea of Dose of Happy and use it to write a poem for today’s piece.

Dose of Happy

Dreary today as Monday always is
Over it. Overwhelmed. Done with the day
Struggling through the lather rinse repeat cycle
Every week is the same

Occasionally a different spin can be found
Freedom from the “same shit, different day” of Mondays past

Happiness peeks around the corner
Appreciating the small things helps
Perhaps a smile or a chuckle sneaks out
Perfection in the unexpected helps bring happiness back
Yay and yippee another Monday gone helped by my dose of Happy!

♥ Emma

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