>Over It

>I’ve had shed loads of crap happen this weekend. Pretty much all disability related too. And although I have managed to resurrect some of the weekend my plans for Friday night and yesterday were completely derailed in separate incidents. Add in a major case of can’t be arsed about something I have to do tomorrow and it’s fair to say my mood isn’t great.

Over It

Over it.
I’m over it
I’m not
beside it
Behind it
Underneath it
On top of it
In front of it
On its left
Or on its right.
I’m just
Over it.
Had enough
Done with it
Can’t be bothered
Tomorrow isn’t
Even here yet
But it can
without me
I’m over
Everything that’s planned
If you’re supposed
To see me
You’ll have to
Because I’m
Over it
And as such
I think
I’ll sleep
Until Tuesday
Or perhaps
I might be
Over Tuesday
Who knows?

♥ Emma

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