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Today was better than I expected and I had the opportunity to take time out in the middle of my busy day. I read in the sunshine for just under an hour and finished reading my book then took a shower before continuing my day.

Time to just be, it was perfect. That’s what I wanted from my disconnected day at the weekend but it didn’t happen. Disconnecting did but life kicked me in the teeth so there was angst and little chilling

Plus, I had my last counselling session.

They were both doses of happy for me today.

And now, a poem

Dark sky
Bright lights
Cars stream past
Keep going fast
Life never stops
Even when the sun drops

The pull of life
Can cause strife
Always needed to be there
No time for self care
Until one night
There came an unusual sight

People were few
As though they knew
It would be best
To rest
And lay their sleepy heads
On their beds

♥ Emma

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