>Kick in the teeth

>Not my usual positive self today. Lots going on, plenty of positive and fun things but also several kicks in the teeth lately.

A very bad fall at the weekend (literally the second worst I’ve ever had) means I have a really badly bruised and sore arm, knees and other bits. I’ve no idea how I didn’t break something. Access issues that were totally unexpected but could have been avoided with thought on others part forced cancelled plans. And a few small niggles.

There’s a sign
On my back
That says
Come to me
Kick me
I’m the target
For all
Disability related

Or so it seems
I’d be on my knees
But I can’t do that
I am in my dreams
But that’s not
What everyone

I’ve often
Talked about the good
And sometimes the bad
Maybe not as often as I should
I’ve tried
To see the best
Whenever I could
Look inside
Look beyond
Try to see
If this is one
Of the times I’ve lied
And to see that which
I sometimes hide.

♥ Emma

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