>You Know You’ve Got CP When…

>Someone shows you a new disabled changing room and you get really excited and describe it as amazing.
The start of sailing supper was last night. Sailing itself starts on 10th April. And yesterday was a chance to socialise, catch up and just generally be together after the long winter break. It was a lot of fun and it was nice after a horrible week to be with friends I’ve not seen for months.
I popped to the loo before we left. And when I came out my Dad was talking to one of the volunteers. He called for me to come and see. I wheeled over to a new bit of the building. Part that hadn’t been there before. I hadn’t known they were doing building work over the winter but when I saw it I figured it was teaching rooms or similar.
I imagine part of it probably is. But the bit they wanted me to see was an amazing disabled changing room.
It was probably the best set up I’ve seen in a place that isn’t all crip, all the time. And even better than a lot of those.
It was huge. As big as my lounge if not bigger.
It had a loo with a track hoist over it. An adapted shower. A bed. An area to sit with a hair dryer at the right level and hooks at the right place. Loads of grab rails. An alarm cord (I forget if it’s in the right place or not).
Masses of space in between for turning and people to help if needed. A swing door so you can get in and out easily.
And it has a mirror.
A nice, big, well placed mirror.
So many disabled toilets and changing rooms don’t have mirrors. Or they do but at standing height. And I even know of one that has the mirror much too low!
It’s a small thing. But it’s also a big thing
Because not only was that new changing room designed by someone who has thought things through and done a good job.
It was done by someone who knows that crips like to check their hair when they pop to the loo just like non disabled people do.
Mirror, mirror
On the wall
Whose the fairest
Of them all?
Ok, it’s not me
But I’m happy
I can look and see
For this wheelie
With CP
A mirror is small
Most people
Give them no
Thought at all
In a disabled loo
It’s something new
It feels like going the
Extra mile
And it’s made me smile
That they thought
A mirror
(in the right place)
Was worthwhile
That I’d like
To see my face.
♥ Emma

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