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    >Graceful Elegance #100daysofwriting

    >Sun shining brightBluest sky for monthsFilled with red kitesFlying and swoopingHardly moving their wingsIt’s more than flyingA bit like a danceBut more than that tooSwimming through the airSix togetherSometimes moreSynchronisedWorking togetherTo live Survive and thriveI see them oftenDaily evenThey always catch my eyeAnd make me thinkHow lucky I amTo live hereAnd see such sightsGraceful eleganceFrom anUncontrollable, wildAnimal All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >IOU by @helencwarner a review #fridayreads #amreading

    >The lovely folks at Simon and Schuster sent me a copy of IOU by Helen Warner to review. Thanks guys I quite liked it. Here’s what Amazon have to say about it: Amy has enjoyed a charmed life, shopping and lunching while the nanny looks after her children. Until her world is thrown into disarray when husband Ben’s business collapses overnight, taking their house and savings with it. Suddenly Amy finds herself the breadwinner. Can she rise to the challenge? Will her marriage survive such an upheaval? Or is it a case of ‘Till Debt Do Us Part’? Kate has always had to struggle by, juggling her job with two…

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    >One Small Step

    >Get upSlowlyPainfully slowlyLose your balance Bump downAnd try againThen again Until finallyShakilyYou’re on your feet Shoulders back Head upLook where you’re goingNot at the floor Tuck your bottom inHeels downPick up your feetDon’t scrape your toes Straighten your knees Stand up straightStop saggingSideways tipping is not recommended You’ve got lovelyBoobsShow them off by standingProperly And while you’re at itYour tummy buttonNeeds pulling towards Your spine All that effortYet to take a single stepThe marathon goal isOverwhelming Death gripOn the walkerDeep breath And off Dragging toesAmid reminders“pick up your feet”“ah ah no toe walking”Threats of ripped socksAnd sore toesCan’t stop spasticity’sSiren call SlowlyPainfullyFearfullyShakily HeelHeelHeelHeel, Emma! “saggy pants!’“think how you’re standing”FrustrationI’m doing…

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    >A sketch, otherwise untitled

    >Tuesday’s piece. 4th attempt (or there abouts) at getting the damn thing to post. In the process I’ve forgotten the title I originally gave it (side note: autocorrect just suggested forgetter. Is that even a word?!). Tonight’s piece follows. Once I’ve finished it that is. She should be writing. Needed to in fact. Rioting within her head however were all the hings she’d rather be doing instead. Those kept clawing their way to the front distracting her. She was one to give up. Often she gave up on things because she was much too impatient to put the effort in or keep trying. This writing wasn’t going to be yet…

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    >A Dose of Happy #100daysofwriting #withtheband #dohmonday @bandback2gether

    >Over on Band Back Together they are trying to make Mondays better. They do this by having a Dose of Happy link up on a Monday. As they put it What’s your Happy? Don’t think you have one? Look harder. Something will make you smile today. We want to know! Share it with the world on your blog and then link up below, tweet it out (hashtag @bandback2gether #DOHMonday #WithTheBand) or share it on Facebook. Whatever you want to do, do it. Just find a bit of happy in this Monday! I love the idea. Really love it. My happy things today: The moment when I show people the seat…

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    >Bullet points of life

    >I’ve not written a proper blog in forever it feels like! A few bullet points of what’s new in my life ~ I’ve started a new medication. That’s blindsided me a little. I expected to leave with a prescription for something short term. And when she was saying what she was gonna give me I thought she might stick it on a just in case repeat. I did not expect a new daily med. ~ I’m planning a late birthday party to celebrate my 30th. It’s shaping up to be loads of fun and very exciting. But at the same time it looks like none of my uni friends can…

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    >Worth it. Every Penny

    >As some of you will know, I had a bit of an accident with my shiny new powerchair. Two weeks to the day after getting it. I was going through a door and the controller swung away accidentally and hit it. I thought it was just bent. But as the engineer was pushing it back into shape it cracked. It’s on and usable with extra care. He spoke dire warnings “hit it again and it’ll probably fall off” and declared it to be accidental damage (I’m not convinced but let it go). The damage to the joystick is cosmetic and minor which I’m happy to leave. The arm holding the…

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    >Lazy like #100daysofwriting

    >Sitting thereThinkingThat going backTo bedWould beVery niceBut I’veOnly beenUpAn hour andA halfAnd it’sLunchtimeAlready The songDescribes thingsAs easy likeSunday morningBut for meThis weekItShould beLazy likeSunday morning Or if I Had my wayLazy likeSundayAll day No can doBut I ThinkLazy likeTuesdayAll dayHas realPossibilities It mayNot BeThe usualThing peopleDoBut Being flexibleMentallyEven thoughSpasticity meansI’m notFlexible PhysicallyIs importantIf I’mTo takeCare ofMe ♥ Emma All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >A guide to #Oxfordshire written for #100daysofwriting #ukwriters

    >This is probably a bit of a cheat today but what the hell. I was at a training day today for a project I’m helping with. The morning was a writing workshop with the former editor of The Oxford Times. The afternoon was a photography workshop with a professional photographer. It was meant to be you just went to one. But me being me I was cheeky and asked to go to both (as did a couple of other people once I had). This guide to Oxfordshire was an exercise we did in small groups. The idea was to write roughly 12 sentences to attract visitors to the county. Which…

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    >A quick note… #100daysofwriting #fiction #amwriting #ukwriters

    >I just lost all the stuff I rote to go before todays piece. Not sure what happened but luckily I have today’s piece still. Pretend like there’s a blurb here about the fact I was reading something in email format and that this was meant to be quick but really took off and was very enjoyable to write. Also: I’ve just noticed that my blog is now appearing on a .co.uk blogger domain. Weird. Not sure what that’s about and not sure I like it. Anyway. A quick note… [# start a new message below this line #] Dear you, Hey, how’s you? I’m just taking a break from the…