>I have no idea what to title this but it’s basically crack!fic

>The following is 273 words of what, if it were fanfiction, could only be called crack!fic I have no idea why it turned out like it did or what I was thinking. It was written in the breaks of a brilliant episode of NCIS and I’ve just been sat here trying to rescue it before admitting that I’m too tired and giving up. Thems the facts and my only excuse.

It’s April. And it’s raining. Hardly surprising, given that it’s what the whole month is known for. April showers. Given the name showers though this isn’t what they’d been expecting. The better name for this would be torrential. Because it was. The sort of rain where even with waterproofs and an umbrella you’re soaked through after less than two minutes. Completely soaked through. Down to your knickers.

At least you would be, were you wearing them. That was the one thing he was pleased about. That he wasn’t wearing knickers. All of his knickers were really expensive flimsy ones (sometimes he thought that the more you paid the less you actually got. That had been one of the more shocking revelations he’d experienced as an adult. We won’t talk about the most shocking revelation. He doesn’t think about that if he can help it). He doesn’t usually think of his childhood with fond memories and he was definitely very relieved when it was over and done with. But there were one or two things that he will admit we’re better or at least easier in his childhood years. Knickers are one of the better things of being an adult. Having to pay ridiculous sums of money for clothes and especially for knickers is one of the worst. Especially given the fact that his knickers were dry clean only. Rain would destroy them he was sure.

Going commando under his jeans was something he’d never done before. He wasn’t sure he’d do it again. It was weird. Very weird. But it was definitely better than ruining his knickers in those so called April showers…

♥ Emma

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