>Minor Frustrations #100daysofwriting

>I’m pretty frustrated now, probably needlessly. There were a few niggles that got a tiny bit out of hand this evening. One of those things were you just have to accept that the others involved are who they are and you can’t change them. Which, obviously can be a tough thing to deal with.

The situation this evening was nothing like as bad as this poem but it seemed to be the direction it (the poem) wanted to go in

Many minor small things
Intensely interacting to a form a larger whole
Needlessly niggle away until
Organically outrageously and overwhelmingly
Rage ricochets around the room

Fiercely frustrated yet over the top
Ranting raving people cause others to do the same
Understandably unctuous
Stresses simmers slowly
Then tempers erupt between usually good friends
Rules rarely broken
Are absolutely ridiculous right now and ignored
Trouble trying to stay calm
Inserting inspired opinions usually welcome is suddenly inappropriate
Overall overwhelmed by no one thing
Needlessly negative the event has become
Sadly selfishly everything is ruined for one and all.

♥ Emma

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