A readathon update

So as I said in my previous entry I’m taking part in the readathon today.

I’ve read the book I reviewed in that entry which had about 213 pages
I then tried to start reading Deliver Me From Evil by Alloma Gilbert but I gave up after 25 or so pages.

Next on my list was Have His Carcasse by Dorothy L Sayers. I’m really enjoying that and am on page 107 (but about to read some more)

I read a couple of chapters of what’s tha up to? By Martyn Johnson too. Picked that up when I went outside because my Sayers books are ebooks and iPad reading in sunlight is a pain. That didn’t last long as it chucked it down with rain very shortly.

And I listened to the first 30 minutes of Kafka on the shore by an author whose name I can’t remember, say or spell. It’s very intriguing. Shall listen to some more when my dinner is ready.

I was feeling a bit down about things but actually looking at this I don’t know why! I reckon I’ve probably read 375+ pages which when you add in the fact that I read a fair bit yesterday (finishing two books I’d been in the middle of) is a dent into the TBR mountain which is slowly taking over my flat

4 thoughts on “A readathon update”

  1. Here to cheer! I’ve been visiting blogs for the last hour or so and you’re definitely right up there with most read — not a thing to feel down about. You’re doing great!

  2. Stopping by to cheer you on! I am glad to know that I am not the only one that had a put a book aside today. I tried to continue reading the Book Thief but it was not a good choice for the read-a-thon. Maybe too heavy not sure but I moved on.


  3. It sounds like your readathon is off to a great start! Good call on giving up on the book that wasn’t working for you. I’m getting better at leaving books unfinished if I’m not liking them, because there are way too many other, better books out there to be read!

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