Things That I’ve Been Reading

Another installment of things that I’ve been reading. Obviously with the readathon I’ve mentioned a lot of it in passing but this is the official entry if you will

Five Red Herrings by Dorothy L Sayers

This was the fourth Sayers book I’ve read this year and it was good but I Would have preferred a better ending than X did it, the end. I had intended to have a break before reading more Sayers but then I was on the train with my kindle and nothing else appealed. Not the best Lord Peter book but a welcome addition to the series.

Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling

I actually started off listening to the audiobook of these which makes for great listening. The copy I got from Audible claims to be unabridged but skips one entire story (the one about how the alphabet was made). I found a copy on Gutenberg and read that one. Then I did go back to the audiobook but when my iPad was replaced I lost where I was in it and I couldn’t be doing with hunting through five hours of audio to find where I was. So I went back to Gutenberg to finish off. I don’t remember reading these as a child but that surprises me because they strike me as the sort of thing my Gran would have shared with us. A happy read.

Possessing the Secret of Joy by Alice Walker

It almost feels wrong to say I really enjoyed this book given it’s subject matter (it’s the fictional story of a woman who has undergone female genital mutilation, basically female circumcision). But it is such a powerful and compelling story it hooked me in big style. The theme of family and love and power pervades the story without overwhelming it and the mental illness of a character is well handled. I can’t recommend this highly enough and really must read more by Alice Walker.

The Hermit and The Bear by John Yeoman

I was given this book at 7 or 8. It was a gift from the staff at my school and brought to me in hospital by the headmaster (I’d had my last surgery which I believe was tendon releases in my ankles and hamstrings). It’s a really cute story which is wonderfully illustrated by Quentin Blake. And it still has the ability to make me laugh out loud all these years later. I’m glad I reread it.

Lightning Fred by Dick King Smith

Another reread of a book I’ve had since childhood. I won his one in some form of competition to do with school but I can’t remember more than that! I’d forgotten how talented Dick King Smith was. Although there were one or two bits in the book I though might not be allowed now.

Have His Carcass by Dorothy L Sayers

I read this in huge chunks over the last few days and I have to say as good as it is that really helped add to my enjoyment. And it’s got Harriet Vane in it! She is one of my favourite of the characters who doesn’t appear in every book so that was a yay moment when she appeared as a key player. This book must have been complicated to plot which adds to my appreciation thinking that nowadays we have spreadsheets and the like we can use to keep track of things (with which I’d still have tied myself in knots plotting this I’m sure)but at the point it was written the tools were pen, paper, head and typewriter. I’d worked out this really complicated solution to the age old question of whodunit. And gotten it completely wrong.

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