Things That Made Me Smile

If this post appears disjointed it’s because it’s partially being written whilst I’m in my standing frame.

These are the big reasons to smile but small things that could be easily forgotten. I keep being told that I miss the big picture so this is an attempt to get it back in view.

Being in a building which is being evacuated due to an unexpected fire alarm and offered a cup of tea whilst I wait in the building for them to decide if they need to evacuate me or if it’s false alarm.

Travelling to and across London by myself.

Being told in a jokey way to “try to keep up” and then going so fast in my powerchair they have to run to keep up with me.

I was elected chair of a local disability group I’m part of a couple of weeks ago. That’s led to a couple of small things and may lead to more.

Getting back into wii bowling and setting a new high score. And then trying it left handed and setting the lowest score ever whilst laughing at myself

♥ Emma

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