A tough week

It’s been a tough few weeks and although I’ve been able to pull some good out of this week and feel like I’m making progress again this week does feel like a tough one.  That’s probably an unfair thing to say but it’s how I feel.

I’m probably biased by the fact I’ve really had a crap day.  The morning was full of me being stressed about the afternoon, the afternoon and early evening sucked  and I felt very much like I was gonna crack up if this continues but after about half six the day got better.  I feel calmer and happier about things now.  In part I think I saw a few glimmers of more being done to resolve my biggest stressor in some news I got late today.

Unfortunately however it’s not something I can sort myself beyond keep advocating as much as I can.  And I feel very strongly that whilst I will blog about this when it’s resolved its inappropriate to do so know.  I have their attention. I want to keep it.

Most of the friends and family I have told have been really surprised and even angry.  There’s been lots of muttering about how ridiculous and inappropriate it is.  And the fact it’s easily sorted.

I’m having enough trouble with my own feelings on the matter. I can’t do anything else.

But… Tomorrow and Saturday are sailing days so I’ll step back, recover, forget about it if I can and regroup to start afresh next week. If two days focusing on wind and water can’t centre me again I don’t know what will


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