“really nice”

There’s an acquaintance of mine who is said to be “really nice”.  We really don’t know each other well and I can’t say I have much desire to as we very blatantly have little in common.

A little less than a year ago they shared their view that my disability is tragic amongst other well meaning yet offensive comments. A few days ago in another conversation they asked me yet more rude questions and were in my opinion very inappropriate in things they said to another disabled person.

Here’s the thing: if they had made similar comments with a racist or homophobic slant that “really nice” label would soon disappear. The fact it’s about disability? Well that makes it ok.


One thought on ““really nice””

  1. I have run into people who say offensive things like that often to me. Sadly, most of them are homeless people I pass on the street. As a person with cerebral palsy I know your anguish in regards to that. There may be no clear way to combat the perception of other people. All you can do is enjoy life and educate those who are ignorant.

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