There for the most deserving

This was a really good post in my opinion.  But wordpress ate it and it published blank with all the points I spent ages making gone off into the ether and not here on my blog where they should be.

It was about my friend who after being very ill, spending time in intensive care with multi organ failure, having nearly six months off work and being diagnosed with a life long condition.  And about how she’s new to the world of disability, support, benefits and all that entailled.  But already learning about not being “disabled enough”.  Being told by people that she should be able to get help but then discovering actually she can’t.

And it was about Karen Sherlock.  I didn’t know Karen but she was a disability campaigner.  She had diabetes, was visually impaired, was about to go on dalysis and was being considered for a transplant.  Karen claimed ESA and fought a long battle over many months to get moved from the WRAG to the support group.  ATOS considered her fit for work despite her many problems meaning she didn’t leave the house unless absolutely necessary and never alone.  She had medicals, filled out forms, there were many problems and mistakes a long the way and it was to put it bluntly a battle she shouldn’t have had to fight..

Karen eventually won that battle and was placed into the support group as she should have been originally.

She died two weeks later.

I’ve probably not made my points as well as I had in my original blog entry.  They certainly don’t have as much detail.  But I just wanted to welcome you to this new world.

It’s called Britain in 2012.  It’s a world where “the most deserving” get the help they need.  But where no one knows just who this “most deserving” group of people actually are.  And where some of us are beginning to doub they even exist.

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