Random Bullet Points of Life

I have four part written but never finished blog posts. At least one will never see the light of day the Internet.

Something is going on with my left foot. I fear it’s a new contracture. Am at spasticity clinic later in the week so it’s good timing at least.

Soph and I bought Dad the DVD boxset of The Bridge between us for Fathers Day. I thought it sounded like it wasn’t my thing but I was hooked I tell you. Hooked. We watched four episodes and I can. not. wait. to see the rest. I thought the subtitles would put me off but they didn’t.

I’m still fighting access fail. It’s the ultimate embodiment of the saying “one step forwards and two steps back”

I really miss having a working washing machine. But it’s gonna be a while longer before that’s resolved.

Feels like I’ve been being a bad friend lately 🙁

Life is very up and down at the moment.

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