You Know You’ve Got CP (and you’ve been to the Olympics) When…

…despite being 30 and having been to London many times you go on the tube for only the second and third time ever.

…you take a 40 minute longer train route into London so you can go straight from the train to the accessible bit of the tube. And it’s worth it, easy and exciting.

…you’re so impressed with the access in your hotel room you consider cancelling the much closer and cheaper hotel rooms you have for the Paralympics to stay there again.

…the fact you expected to be frisked by the airport style security but weren’t surprises you.

…you mutter a lot about how unsafe it was the security guy queried what one of the things you had with you was (my powerchair charger) as he couldn’t tell on the X-ray but when your Dad offered to get it out said it was unnecessary. You’re screening for terrorist threats. I’m carrying a box with electrics you can’t identify. I’d really rather you bothered me.

…you love sitting in the Aquatics centre watching the swimming but wonder just how different sitting their (bizarrely in almost exactly the same place) watching the Paralympic swimming will be. Which leads to pondering just how many pool hoists they’ll have.

…no matter how many different ways the question is phrased you just can’t comment on how long the queues were. They looked long. But things were set up so the Gamesmakers skipped you out of them.

…you get weird looks from passersby when the above causes you to declare with a grin “God I love being in a wheelchair.”

…you absolutely love it. But you just can’t wait for the Paralympics. Because that’ll be unbelievable.

♥ Emma

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