I’ve been trying not to sweat the small stuff so much lately. Given how much I swore when I got an email earlier that some of my Paralympic tickets need changing its safe to say its not worked as well as it could but it has made a difference. So here’s my new theory.


Got a chance to sail but the wind is a bit scarier than you’d like? Take a friend on a buddy seat and go anyway. Find something to laugh about.
When it gets a bit hairy? Swear. And then laugh
When three waves hit you in the face one after the other your soaked to the skin and can’t see for a minute or two for water in your eyes? I find madly giggling the best thing to do.
When you know that given how much your being wet has triggered your spasticity changing your clothes independently isn’t going to happen? Well, you know you’ve got CP when you’re thirty, your Dad is going to have to strip you off and help you get dressed again and THATS OK. And “you know you’ve got CP when…” moments always make me chuckle.

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