Inspire a Generation

I’m going to be hosting the next Disability Blog Carnival.

In honour of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games the theme will be Inspire a Generation. Which for those not in the know is the sort of catchphrase or tag line for the games. I’ve just come back from a four day trip to the Paralympics and I absolutely loved it. I will blog in more detail about my trip but it was definitely an amazing experience and I found it inspirational for more than just the sport. I really didn’t want to come home.

I thought Inspire a Generation was a good theme to use for the carnival. However the theme is not just about the games so if it makes you think of something different that’s fine. I have a few other ideas related to the theme but I’m interested to see what others come up with.

Here’s how this works:

You can submit older posts or write new ones
They need to be related to disability but don’t need to be written by disabled people
Posts need to fit the theme in someway but it’s not rigid
The deadline for posts is Sept 26th, I hope to post the carnival on 30th Sept.

You can leave your links in the comments here (first time comments are moderated to prevent spam), tweet me them – I’m @FunkyFairy22, or email them to with Carnival or similar in the subject line please.

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