With All My Love by Patricia Scanlan

I picked up an advance copy of With All My Love by Patricia Scanlan when I went to the Simon and Schuster blogger event. The book is coming out in February 2013.

I read quite a few Patricia Scanlan books when I was younger but haven’t read any for several years. I’m glad I got the chance to rediscover her writing with this book! It’s about three generations of women, the secrets they keep and what happens when one is discovered. And it does it really well. I expected there to be lots of angst and difficulties in the book and whilst they are both there they aren’t the main thing. Instead through a series of flashbacks we live through the events that led up to the lies and the secrets. I went from being convinced that it was all wrong at the beginning to thinking that I might have done the same had I been in Valerie’s position. But I did also wanted to shake them at times and tell them to simply stop making assumptions and talk to each other.

This book made me feel for the characters, made me hate others and then change my mind at times. It had a nice feeling and I did have to stop and laugh out loud occasionally. Very enjoyable, not as fluffy as some women’s fiction I wouldn’t call it chicklit although it definitely had some very romantic moments that made me go “awww”. It had a similar feel to Maeve Binchy books so I’d definitely recommend it to fans of her books. I’m not really sure why I stopped reading Patricia Scanlan books all those years ago but I won’t be stopping now.

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