Random Bullet Points of Life

  • I’m getting over a nasty cold but it didn’t go to my chest and I didn’t need antibiotics.  Lots of win there.
  • Depression and low mood have been a big issue in the last few days.  I think not getting out and feeling ill have had a lot to do with that.
  • I’m in the middle of the IB to ESA transfer and it’s horrific.  Mum and I finished the form today and she asked if I wanted to put anything in the “any other info box” and all I could say was “i’m just done with it.”
  • I really did want to write in that box “yes I have lots of disabilities and problems but I’m fine, damnit.”
  • Bizarrely other than a hysterical crying fit when I heard my transfer was starting I’ve gotten through the forms without crying despite finding them really hard and upsetting.
  • There’s a possibility some of the stuff I’ve been doing is making a difference for more than just me
  • I bought a new phone – a Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus and I absolutely love it.  But I also appear to have lost it and am getting in a panic that it’s gone.
  • I dropped my iPad and bullseyed the screen earlier.  Bizarrely it’s still working but I’ve an appt at the genius bar later in the week.
  • Tonights technology woes felt like much more than I could handle right now – the straw that broke the cripple’s back!
  • I will have some writing in a few places soon
  • I’ve been listening to and very much enjoying some of the Narnia audiobooks.
  • I’m not sure how well I’m coping right now.
  • I’m surrounded by awesome people including a friend who called in her way to work one of the days I was poorly simply because she knew I needed a hug.

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