You Know You’ve Got CP When…

…something you buy regularly in the supermarket gets moved from the very top shelf to the very bottom shelf. And as you’re trying to put two packets in your basket all you can think is how much easier it was to reach it down from the top shelf.

I am aware how completely ridiculous that sounds but its true! Must admit I laughed at that.

The seat riser on my powerchair makes moving up to reach high things so easy. And was worth every penny. The only part of sainsburys that properly stumps my independent crip streak now is frozen food with its cabinets with doors that open outwards.

But leaning down and across isn’t easy (but is vaguely doable) as the lateral supports and spine align bits which keep me from slumping stop me. And I’ve yet to hear of a wheelie that drops you down.

I do love my new Quickie Salsa (well, I guess it’s not so new now) with all its bells and whistles and the independence it gives me.

So I’ll just accept that there’s now a new definition of wheelchair accessible in my life.

And if you see a crip in a red powerchair reaching for low things in Sainsburys and giggling? Well, now you know why.

(For more tales of the supermarket on wheels with a definite make you smile factor check out Hannah’s post on the subject

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