Disability Blog Carnival – Call for Submissions

One thing I’ve really enjoyed about blogging over the last few years is the Disability Blog Carnival that’s been run by Penny Richards from the Disability Studies, Temple U blog.  It’s been a great way to meet new people and new blogs.  And it’s made me think and learn and write about things I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. I’ve especially enjoyed the many times I hosted the carnival on the various forms this blog has taken over the years.

With the plethora of social media out there now the demand for the carnival has died off and Penny decided that she wouldn’t run the carnival any more.  I’m sad to see it going and offered to make something of a last ditch attempt to keep it running in a slight different form.  Twitter and facebook are brilliant for links but if you miss the post you miss the link and it’s very difficult to scroll back and find them again.  This is a collection that you can return to again if you want.

On the 28th of each month I will post a collection of links to different posts about disability and/or by disabled bloggers.  Things that have caught my eye but also things that people send me.  My plan is that for the first three months I’ll host it here to get it started but then from April I might see about getting different hosts and it moving around again.  There will be no set theme of the month so with the exception of blatent advertising, and hate I’m not going to say “anything goes” but it pretty much does.

The first post will go up on Monday 28th January 2013.  I’ve already got a couple of links in mind to share but suggestions can be left in comments here, tweeted to me @funkyfairy22 or emailed to ejcrees@googlemail.com

6 thoughts on “Disability Blog Carnival – Call for Submissions”

  1. So glad you are keeping this up for folks….Is there a champion communicator award because you might win it at this rate

  2. When you first put this up, I meant to say how pleased I was that you’re doing this! I would love to do another carnival at some point later in the year.

    In the meantime, I’d like to submit this post: The Sessions: Discussing Disability & Sex Work which is about the 1990 essay which inspired the movie, and how it differs from the usual discourse on disabled people paying for sex work.

    Looking forward to Monday!

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