State of the Emma

I was quite torn whether to call this entry Random Bullet Points of Life or State of the Emma.

If I’m completely honest I’m not sure I’ve really got any news to share here but it feels like absolute ages since I posted something here that wasn’t a book review so I figured I probably should.

Generally things seem to be going well. I started the year off with a bang when I got a UTI a few days into it but that cleared up easily and with just one course of antibiotics so it’s all good. I am beginning to wonder if nitrofurantoin needs to be put on my do not take list of drugs though. I seemed to feel crap the whole time I took it.

The other thing that came out of that appt was that my blood pressure was checked and it was really high. I had had a really stressful morning trying to get out of the house, having shedloads of spasms and throwing my handbag across the waiting room being some of the highlights. And then I tried to ask the locum GP to check how long a course of antibiotics I usually have in my records because I have it longer than she said usually and it didn’t go too well. So it’s not overly surprising that my blood pressure was high. I had an appt to go back and get the nurse to check it but thanks to the snow I had to cancel it.

I was snowed in for a week (I could possibly have gone out the night before I did but decided not too as it was dark and I knew the paths were still icy). For the most part I coped really well with that – in fact it surprised me how unbothered I was by it. I did loads of reading and crochet and started a sort out that’s been on my todo list for ages.

There definitely was something else I wanted to mention under this heading but I’ve lost my train of thought and have no idea what it is!

I’m trying to make serious inroads into my TBR stash which has surpassed pile status approximately a year ago and has been up around the level of mountain for quite some time. The snow helped with this a lot but there is a way to go yet! I’m considering implementing a book buying ban for the next two or three months.

I also briefly considered earlier that I might make 2013 a year in which I don’t buy yarn. But then I remembered that not only did I buy a 300g ball of blue aran a couple of weeks ago, I bought a ball of yarn yesterday. Clearly this is a plan that requires more thought but certainly my stash there is in need of getting under control. That’s part of the sort out I started and I’ve been putting it into piles of yarn I think I’ll use and another of remnants and other bits I don’t think I’ll use (subcategory what the hell was I thinking buying that?!) It’s interesting how much I’d forgotten about but then find and remember what I used it for (or more likely what I wanted it for) and bits like where I bought it or when or… Memory is a strange thing sometimes isn’t it?

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