Long Time No Blog

It’s not like me to leave it over two weeks between blog entries for no reason but that appears to be what I’ve done. I keep telling people I’m going to blog about things or thinking that I should.  And I have a couple of entries in drafts which I should really finish and post.

But I’m not very motivated at the moment.

I’ve also had another UTI (we think) necessitating my third course of antibiotics for one this year although only a short course this time.  There have been mutterings about my needing to go back and see about going on another three month course of antibioics.  I had been thinking if I got another UTI soon ish after this one I’d probably need to see about that because that would be number four but… The nurse was definitely right when she said we need to look at a long term solution. And we know from both 2004 and 2011 when I got stuck in a cycle of UTIs that medium term prophylaxis works great for me (assuming it was done the same as before I would be given one low dose of a specific antibiotic a day for three months).  So it’s a good thing.  But it’s also a bit meh.

Both of my wheelchairs are in need of some TLC as well.  Thankfully the NHS will cover my manual being sorted and hopefully getting the powerchair serviced (because amongst other things it’s making a terrible noise and Dad got grease all over his hand when he reached in to spray it – which shouldn’t happen) won’t be too expensive.

Generally I feel like I haven’t coped very well over the last few weeks.  But that said they were relatively busy and some of the stuff was beyond my control which I often find stressful.  For the most part it worked out.  That said one of my best friend came round at some point last week took one look at me and the state of my lounge and went “you’re not coping. Are you ok?”  I am getting it together a lot better now and getting things off the todo list and achieving more.

It hasn’t always been easy and today I am tired. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel again (even if my tiredness today means I don’t think it comes across) and that’s definitely something. 🙂

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