You Know You Have CP When…

…you get congratulated on still having the wheels on your powerchair. Twice. On separate days.

…you go to say goodbye to the same person who congratulated you because they’re leaving the bureau and moving on to a new job. And amongst the “wishing you well” comments they make they include that they “hope your wheels don’t fall off”

…you wear out all four if the castors on your powerchair in 14 months. Hence all the wheel falling off comments because it was a genuine possibility while I was waiting for the replacements.

…your Dad books an accessible taxi to take you, him and your mum to your brother’s wedding. When another staff member at the taxi company has queries he assumed you booked it and calls you saying “hi you booked a taxi” leading to a very confused conversation where he’s adamant you did and you swear you didn’t. Of course that wasn’t helped by my Dad booking a month to the day before the wedding…

…you try on the dress you bought for your brothers wedding for a second time. This time you do it in your wheelchair. The dress that’s an inch or so too long for you? Hangs down into the mechanism of your chair and needs taking up by 6 inches.

…a complete stranger walks past you and tells you to slow down.

…you use a hoist once a week at sailability. But you’re the hoist expert.

…you get a drop down rail fitted in the bathroom. The guy fitting it looks confused at part of it and then tells you it’s a handle to help you pull it down. You decide against telling him it is, in fact, a loo roll holder.

…you get them back out to check the rail because you think it’s not secure. They make adjustments and then demonstrate how they can’t move it before assuring you its secure. You then use it to transfer and immediately move it in a way it shouldn’t go.

…you’re manuevering round a very tight space and check with the person holding the door for you that you’re nowhere near their feet. They declare you’re not. And then you immediately run their foot over.

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