Sunny, Sleepy, Saturday

My weekends in May look to be manic.

Apart from this one.

I’m going to see the play of The Count of Monte Cristo with a friend in a little while which I’m looking forward too. But apart from that I’ve no plans for this whole bank holiday weekend.

And I didn’t have any plans yesterday and didn’t leave the house. I read a lot, chatted to my neighbour and played on my wii.

And on Thursday I spent the day waiting in for people. I spent loads of it sat outside with a book. Then in the evening I went to my knitting group.

But today’s been the laziest day. I’m sore so I’ve been trying to reposition frequently. I stayed in bed all morning. I took a long shower. i sat outside and finished my book, took my lunch with me. I stretched. I lay in bed and started watching Stargate SG1. I took a nap and then played Mahjong on my iPad.

Part of me feels bad.

I was supposed to tidy my kitchen and do some washing.

I feel like I’ve so much I need to do and I’m floundering wasting my time on stuff that doesn’t matter. If my sister ever has to wait for me she says I’m “wasting her life”. I sort of feel that’s what I’m doing with my life.

But I also know I needed today – this weekend in fact – to be quite.

Taking care of myself is what matters.

I just need not to feel guilty or stressed about doing so.

2 thoughts on “Sunny, Sleepy, Saturday”

  1. I saw a poem someone posted on FB the other day. ‘dust if you must’ this reminded me of it. The washing etc can wait for another day x

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