Home Front Girls by Rosie Goodwin

If you read my April Readathon post you might remember that one of the books I read was Home Front Girls by Rosie Goodwin.  I received a free copy in exchange for sharing my opinion of it.  It’s in no way influenced by the fact I was asked to review it.

Here’s the synopsis:

Dotty, Lucy and Annabelle all turn up for work at Coventry’s department store Owen Owens at the time war is declared.

Dotty has never known a life outside of the orphanage where she grew up. Lucy is the sole carer of her little sister; she’s head of the home now that her brother has gone to war. So she seeks out a job at Owen Owens. Annabelle has led a life of privilege but everyone’s having to pinch the pennies at the moment. The well-off are no exception, much to Annabelle’s annoyance.

The three young women are brought together on their first day at Owen Owens. As the trials and devastating effects of war come to bear on the three women, their bond deepens. With disaster at every turn, they’re going to need each other…

I really like books and other media set in the second world war (I find it a really interesting period in our history) so I jumped at the chance to review this.  Rosie Goodwin is a new author to me.  And at the moment I’m having a break from buying books because I have so many good ones waiting to read it’s ridiculous (seriously, I bought ten books in two days last week.  Admittedly they were cheap ish ones from HMV and only cost me less than £30 in total but still) but when I’m next buying them – probably in June I’d imagine – she’s definitely an author I’ll check out.

I started reading this the day before the readathon.  And as I wrote in that entry (see link above) I’d planned to leave all the books I was in the middle of and read only new things that day.  But I’d found this really hard to put down the day before and read huge amounts of it in two sittings.  Then when it came to it I just couldn’t put it aside for a day and read something else.  Those last 130 or so pages were haunting me and I just had to know what happened!

I really loved this book. Loved it.  It kept surprising me too.  There were a few twists in it.  One of them I guessed but it still surprised me because of the way it came about.  Another I was totally convinced I knew what it was going to be but it wasn’t (and then later in the book what I thought it would be came back as a possibility but still surprised me) and a third I didn’t even see coming.

I couldn’t decide which of the three girls I liked the most.  They were very different and in some ways to start with you almost expected that they weren’t destined to be friends.  I liked each of the girls but for very different reasons.  Dotty reminded me of myself with her love of writing and a bit with her lack of confidence. I enjoyed the relationship between Lucy and her little sister who was disabled (whilst it could have been made more of, that might have greatly altered the story and it was handled well which is important).  And Annabelle is a spoilt bitch at times but she grew on me too.

I’ve just spotted that this is on a ridiculously good deal for the kindle version right now (compared to the hardback price).  It’s definitely more than worth it.

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