Random Bullet Points of Life

♥ I’ve been trying to have a break this week. It’s been very good but I’m wishing I’d planned a longer one now. Am thinking I’ll try that again in early July.

♥ My brother got married last weekend! It was an absolutely fantastic day and I loved it.

♥ I am a couple of books behind on my goodreads challenge right now. I haven’t been very inspired by my reading material lately despite having a stupid number of unread books. I did just start the audiobook of Nella Last’s Peace and I’m liking that so far. So hopefully I can get back into reading now. I have read 60 books so far this year which I’m very pleased about!

♥ a friend and I went to see an amateur production of The Sound of Music on Wednesday. I didn’t realise it was am dram when I booked the tickets and probably wouldn’t have done had I known. It was absolutely fantastic and I couldn’t tell any different from the professional version I saw a few years ago. One of those where you come out and vaguely wonder if they have tickets left for later in the week because its that good.

♥ I am stupidly addicted to playing Bookworm Heroes right now

♥ I’ve been sailing in a regatta all weekend in what turned out to be the English Championships. I came second at my level so sadly the champion’s sail trophy with the barometer won’t be returning to my flat (I was English champion in 2011; I didn’t take part in the championship regatta in 2012). I enjoyed it loads.

♥ I’ve not missed meds in several weeks but I still need to work on taking pain meds sooner so pain can be controlled easier.

♥ I need to write more about several of these points at some point but I’ve no idea when…

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