A Few Wedding Photos

On Saturday 25th May 2013 my brother Ben married his partner of ten years Geri. I won’t make the standard joke/comment about their names but feel free to if you wish. Here are a few photos of the wonderful day we had. The ones marked Facebook come from my sister’s profile and hopefully she doesn’t mind!

In terms of visual description I’ll put a bit by each photo but in general:

The wedding took place in a large and very lovely converted barn. I’d call it stylishly rustic. It had lovely gardens at the front and the back. The weather was absolutely horrendous the day before, properly storming cold and gray. That day was glorious. Bright, sunny and warm but not too hot. Perfect in fact.

The bride wore a gorgeous white dress with a long train and a bit of sparkle.

All of the men in the wedding party wore three piece suits with cravats. Ben, his best man and Geri’s grandad (who gave her away) had purple cravats. My dad and the ushers had silver ones.

My sister (Sophie), Geri’s sister and two of her friends were bridesmaids. All of them have long hair which they wore half up and down. The dresses were strapless, long and a dark almost midnight purple.

My mum wore a gray dress and jacket with a dusky rose fascinator/hat. I call it a fascinator because it’s on a hairband. She calls it a hat and looking at the pics she’s probably right.

I used my powerchair for the day. I wore a red dress which was originally was ankle length but my friend took up by six inches for me as it was too long for my chair. My dress is sleeveless and I had a black cropped shrug over it for some of the day. I made myself a black and silver scarf (knitted using Sirdar Firefly) and had that on for part of the evening. My shoes were black Skechers (this is me we’re talking about) and I had a black clutch. My hair was twisted and a little bit spiked up with five tiny plaits in the front. I had a red fascinator with a flower on it and my 3e love wheelchair heart necklace on. I wore very red lipstick and nails.

Ben and his best man before the ceremony


signing the register

Mr & Mrs Crees

Sophie and I in the garden after the ceremony

My parents sitting at the top table during the meal (via Facebook)

Mum and Sophie with my cousin’s daughter Isabelle who will be two in July (via Facebook)

Dad and I in the early evening in the other garden.

Cutting the cake (via Facebook)

The first dance – Always by Bon Jovi

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