Random Bullet Points of Life

♥ my Internet keeps cutting out for hours or days at a time. In some ways that’s useful but mainly it’s frustrating. That’s a huge part of my silence here.

♥ I have got many things done off of “sometime soon I’d like to do” list. Including new blog colours/header. That’d been on the list for months. The next bloggy to dos are a book review master page and an articles master page.

♥ I took a break from writing about disability this month over on Bea and wrote about food banks a topic I hear a lot about via CAB. I’ve got a bit of a bee in my bonnet about that. My post is Food, Glorious Food (or not…). Two people have said reading it made them tear up. I assume that’s a good thing?

♥ I’ve also done writing for something else this week (currently not for public consumption) which I feel has revitalised my writing mojo.

♥ Crochet. Enough said.

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